DASCO, and the companies we represent, operate within the following markets:


Deep Ocean, Coastal Science & Inland Waters
Acoustic Current ProfilersAcoustic Waves and Ice ProfilingAcoustic ReleasesAcoustic Modems
Acoustic Mooring PositioningSubsea SensorsGlass Flotation & CoversGlass Instrument Housings
Multiparameter SondesDeployment Frames/PlatformsAutonomous Surface VehicleAutonomous Subsea Vehicle
Instrument & Mooring BuoysSurface Water LevelInstrument Float CollarsUnderway Vessel Profilers
Surface Data BuoysWater Quality InstrumentsRemote Monitoring & TelemetryTethered Surface Boats
Tide Gauge StationsWater Level & Wave RecorderMechanical Current MetersCTD Collection Instruments


Marine Survey & Construction
GPS & GNSS PositioningGPS Position & HeadingGPS AntennasGPS Correction Services
Multibeam EchosounderSinglebeam EchsounderSub-bottom ProfilersSound Velocity Profilers
Sidescan Survey SonarAcoustic TransducersHydrophonesSurvey Acquisition Software
Inertial Navigation SystemsGyrocompassesDynamic Motion SensorsSurvey Processing Software
Acoustic PositioningAcoustic Sound SourcesUnderway Vessel ProfilersRemote Survey Solutions



Subsea Inspection & Defence
Subsea HD & IP CamerasSubsea LED LightingSubsea Ranging LasersVideo Controllers & Displays
Imaging & Profile SonarRemote Operated VehiclesUnmanned Surface VehicleAutonomous Subsea Vehicle
Subsea Acoustic PositioningDriver Tracking & CommsSidescan Survey SonarGPS Position Interfaces
Inertial Navigation SystemsGyrocompassesDynamic Motion SensorsDoppler Velocity Log


Connectivity & OEM
Electrical Dry MateElectrical Splash MateElectrical Wet MatePenetrators
Optical/Hybrid Dry MateOptical/Hybrid Wet MateFlying LeadsJumpers & Harnesses
Subsea Power SystemsCustom CablesCable Terminations & KitsMooring Line & Wire
Wire StrippersMolding SystemsBend RestrictorsElastomers & Primers
Position & Antenna BoardsPosition & Heading BoardsIMU/Gyro Development KitAcoustic Modem Boards