Product Overview

Gavia AUVs can be fitted with the Teledyne Benthos ATM-900 Acoustic Modem. The ATM-900 Series Acoustic Telemetry Modem is the most advanced, multipath and noise tolerant, modem available. They are designed to meet both the high data rate requirements of commercial users, and the higher reliability, lower data rate requirements of the military. The modems employ two modulation techniques: phase shift keying (PSK), which provides the highest bit rate, and multiple frequency shift keying (MFSK), which provides reliability in a multipath environment, or when the modems are required to operate in a low signal-to-noise (SNR) environment. The ATM-910 Series can transmit data using PSK modulation for reception by a Gavia Modem Deckbox, but receives data using MFSK modulation only. MFSK modulation is a spread spectrum modulation process that transmits multiple tones simultaneously.

Gavia users have the option of purchasing a standard ATM-900 Topside Acoustic Modem, Teledyne Benthos Directional Acoustic Transponder for Ultra-short Baseline capabilities (subject to export licence), and an ATM-900 based Long Baseline System using SM-976 rechargeable nodes.

The acoustic modem allows the Gavia Control Centre to communicate with the AUV while a mission is underway, for progress checks, updating the mission simulator with real-time navigation and status messages, and to allow commands to be sent (such as Return to Surface or Go to Backup Mission).

Key Features

  • Teledyne Benthos reliability
  • Communicate with Gavia Control Centre
  • Communicate with optional Benthos LBL and USBL systems