Product Overview

ADCP Inline Mooring Frames are designed to allow ADCPs to be mounted in a mooring string, passing the mooring loads around the instrument. Standard designs accommodate a single high-frequency ADCP, a high-frequency ADCP with an external battery pack or two high-frequency ADCPs in an upward and downward-looking configuration. The largest versions support a single mid-frequency device.

Frames are manufactured with 316L stainless steel. The frames are then electropolished and fitted with replaceable zinc anodes for superior corrosion resistance. Upper and lower bails are fitted with isolation bushings and allow connection to the mooring line with standard shackles. The clamps are adjustable for ease of use with varying instruments and are lined with an elastomeric sheet to secure the instruments from damage, while isolating them from the frame.

Our extensive in-house design, machining, metalworking, and welding capabilities allow us to make an endless variety of these frames to support and protect not only ADCPs, but also a wide range of other instrumentation.

ADCP Inline Mooring Frames