Product Overview

AtlasLink is a multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna preconfigured to receive corrections from the Atlas global corrections service. AtlasLink paired with Atlas provides you with the easiest way to receive Atlas corrections via the industry’s most powerful multi-purpose GNSS smart antenna, either directly from AtlasLink or into your existing receiver.

Over are the days of being tied to a single corrections provider who requires you to purchase their corrections, which can only be received by their device. If you use Atlas corrections data on equipment that doesn’t have the ability to receive L-band signals, or you would like to use Atlas corrections on systems that currently receive L-band corrections from another source, you now have the freedom to do so. AtlasLink, in SmartLink™ or BaseLink® mode, enables you to use Atlas corrections on any receiver from any vendor that supports industry-standard correction formats.

AtlasLink is supported by our easy-to-use Atlas Portal, which empowers you to update firmware and enable functionality, including Atlas subscriptions for accuracies from meter to sub-decimeter levels.

AtlasLink Smart Antenna