Product Overview

Teledyne Benthos manufactures a wide range of Acoustic Releases for shallow, mid and deep water operations. Acoustic releases have been used for decades as a safe and reliable means of deploying and recovering critical subsea instrumentation. A secure acoustic command is sent from the topside unit to the subsea unit to release up to 10,000 lbs of in-line instrumentation to the surface for recovery.

All of Teledyne Benthos acoustic releases can be operated from the feature rich Universal Topside unit, which provides access to a wide spectrum of system capabilities and diagnostics to ensure ease of operation and successful instrumentation recovery. As a value priced alternative, the R500 Acoustic Release can also operate with the Releaseit deck box, providing users with an ideal solution for coastal applications.

With nearly 60 years of experience in undersea applications, Teledyne Benthos Acoustic Releases have become synonymous with quality and dependability, even in the harshest of environments.

Key Features

  • ​4 year deployment life on standard alkaline batteries allows for longer deployments and reduces mooring turn-around time & effort
  • Measurement of tilt to ±1 degree accuracy ensures you understand the orientation of your mooring
  • Positive confirmation on release status (“armed”, “release confirmed”…) for full situational and equipment awareness
  • Remote measurement of battery voltage and % capacity allows you to confirm the health of the unit
  • Longer range communication for broadband versus tone type releases improves reliability, expediting comms and mooring recovery
  • Ability to modify transmit power remotely allows the user to achieve the best performance in a variety of environmental conditions
  • Domain key feature allows user to extend the number of addresses for increased number of moorings and prevent unauthorized operation of releases
  • Green colored housing for visibility and ease of deployment and recovery
  • Choice of two topsides (UTS-9500 / ReleaseIt)
  • Optional UTS GNSS feature allows users to survey-in their moorings and subsea platforms without the need for an external PC.
Benthos Acoustic Releases by Teledyne