Product Overview

Teledyne Benthos Underwater Acoustic Modems are used worldwide in subsea applications to transmit data wirelessly through the water. Wireless transmission significantly reduces the cost, complexity, and risk associated with traditional underwater cables and connectors, and allows for endless versatility and extended ranges.

Acoustic modems can be used in any number of scenarios to effectively transmit data or commands to/from a subsea asset to the surface; or between subsea assets.

Benthos modems are rated for varying depths and can operate in shallow or deep-water environments depending on the modem chosen; and are designed to meet both high data rate needs and higher reliability, lower data rate requirements. OEM designs are also available, allowing users to install the modem in their subsea vehicles or subsea packages.

Benthos a-comms technology can also be found in Teledyne acoustic positioning and acoustic recovery products.

Benthos Underwater Acoustic Modems by Teledyne