Product Overview

The Benthos Directional Acoustic Transponder (DAT) is an​ extension to the Teledyne Benthos ATM-900 Series modem, which automatically estimates the azimuthal and vertical arrival angles of a message sent by a remote modem. The system is a modified ultra-short baseline (USBL) which uses a broadband component of a typical modem message to form estimates of arrival angle(s). While conventional USBL devices employ tonal signals, the appropriate processing of wide band signals provides far better combined range and arrival angle estimation, especially at low Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). This device offers a clear 360 degree field of view in azimuth, and an approximate vertical coverage spanning + 90º overhead to -50º below horizontal.

The DAT's compact size and low power consumption make it optimal for both surface and subsurface platforms. Acoustic modem and USBL functionality can now be integrated on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in one system. Mounting this DAT on an AUV, as an inverted USBL system, can provide navigational accuracy unsurpassed by other systems.

Key Features

  • All-in-one; Range, Bearing, and Data Communication
  • Acoustic modem and USBL functionality
  • Compact form factor
  • Low power consumption
  • Multiple frequency options (LF, MF, and Band C)
  • Available as either in a pressure housing or as customer combinable electronics with matching transducer
Benthos USBL Directional Acoustic Transponder (DAT) by Teledyne