Product Overview

BlueView M-series - when you can’t compromise on imagery. Compact full featured 2D multibeam imaging sonar in a compact form factor with low power requirements. Delivers high quality sonar imagery over a wide field of view with leading data quality.

  • Wide 130 degree field of view
  • Low power DC interface
  • Simple to interface
  • Capture sonar video with position data

The M-series Mk2 open nose cone design is a no compromise design focused on delivering the best acoustic performance to increase image quality and improve range performance. All M Series sonar operate while in motion or from a stationary position delivering real-time imagery and data.

Key Features

  • Real-time video like imagery
  • Motion immune imagery
  • Record raw acoustic data for enhanced controls during playback
  • Point to point measurements
  • Automatic and manual acoustic source level control​
  • Open nose cone for superior data quality
  • Robust design including splash-mate connector
  • Low frequency for longest range performance
BlueView M900 Mk2 by Teledyne