Product Overview

Teledyne BlueView offers a software development kit (SDK) for its 2D Imaging Sonar to enable integration onto complex platforms and/or customized systems for OEMs and vehicle manufactures. The SDK enables control of the sonar, and provides access to the raw data files to facilitate sonar operation and data flow-through.​

Key Features

  • Fast and easy Windows® based installer
  • Live Windows® based libraries for easy data compilation
  • Documentation to review software architecture and logic
  • Example files show how to use each software component
  • Manual for easy reference and step-by-step guide
  • ​Easy-to-use kit enables access to allow customization of sonar data collection, creation of sonar data files, and processing of raw sonar data into images
  • Easy-to-use development kit comes complete in a single zip file
  • Allows control of the sonar's operating parameters (start/stop range, ping rate, image size, etc.)
  • Enables access to create custom sonar data files and direct file storage
  • Create customized viewership of sonar imagery using the raw sonar data
  • No annual licensing fees
BlueView Sonar Software Development Kit (SDK) by Teledyne