Product Overview

The T2250 is a 360° profiling sonar capably of gathering over 45,000 range measurements per second. The system is fully turn-key with on-board data logging and real-time collection and visualization capabilities through Teledyne PDS software. Built around a form factor intended for ROV and AUV deployment, the system fills a longstanding void in the tunnel and cave inspection market.

Key Features

  • Industry Standard Output Format
  • Standard Ethernet Interface
  • Software Development Kit Options
  • Full 360 degrees of coverage
  • Real time display of data
  • Ultra-High Resolution

Tunnel Profiler is considered a module sensor and requires a vehicle/deployment which provides movement through the pipe/tunnel of interest. Vehicle/deployment must have reliable Navigation, Heading, and Pitch/Roll available topside for Tunnel Profiling software.

BlueView T2250-360 Tunnel Profiler by Teledyne