Product Overview

Analogue HD up to 250m on coax OR twisted pair

The Teledyne Bowtech L3C-AHD is a low cost, fixed focus, Analogue High Definition Camera. The analogue HD signal will travel up to 250 metres on a Teledyne Bowtech coax or a high quality screened twisted pair (a small inline mould is required to be connected between the camera and the umbilical when a screened twisted pair is used). The video is viewed on an HD monitor with an HDMI connection after going through a small topside converter box.

The camera housing is manufactured from high quality titanium and rated to 1000 metres operating depth. It is fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens. This provides a 67 degree diagonal angle of view in water. The sapphire window is highly scratch resistant and 99.8% optically pure. The camera features built in reverse polarity and surge protection.

Output from the camera is via a standard subsea connector – no special impedance matched connector is required. This makes the camera ideal for use by divers or for upgrading older SD systems where HD quality is now required.

Key Features

  • HD output - 1080i 50/60 fps (recommended)
  • Titanium housing
  • 250 metres transmission distance
  • HD quality using standard connectors
  • Sapphire window
  • 1000 metre depth rating​
Bowtech L3C-AHD by Teledyne