Product Overview

The Teledyne Bowtech Low Light IP camera is a high resolution, monochrome, underwater CCD camera. It is the ideal solution for extremely low light level, underwater viewing and navigation, where a substantial network is required.

The camera housing is manufactured using high quality hard anodised aluminium, rated to 2,000m operating depth as standard. A titanium housing is optional. This is rated to either 4,000m or 6,000m operating depth.

The camera is fitted with a wide angle, high speed, aspherical lens. This provides a diagonal angle of view of 103° through a fully water corrected front port. The camera features built-in reverse polarity and surge protection.

The miniature, high quality 1/2" CCD sensor, offers high resolution and low light sensitivity. It is the ideal camera for networked low light underwater viewing tasks.

Key Features

  • Motion JPEG and H.264 dual stream compression
  • Water corrected optics
  • Low light sensitivity 2 x 10-5 at lux faceplate
  • Wide 103° diagonal angle of view
  • Near SIT performance
  • 2000m, 4000m or 6000m depth rated options​
Bowtech Low Light IP by Teledyne