Product Overview

The Teledyne Bowtech OceanLASER-L is housed in grade 5 titanium and is designed to operate in water depths up to 6,000 m. The front port is manufactured from optical quality sapphire glass. The OceanLASER-L is a Class 2, 8 mW, line laser with uniform power distribution.

Key Features

  • 6000m depth rating
  • Compact titanium housing
  • Dot beam profile
  • Uniform intensity distribution along the line
Laser Safety​ Class 2

Class 2 lasers are limited to a maximum output power of 1 milliwatt or one-thousandth of a watt (abbreviated to mW) and the beam must have a wavelength between 400 and 700 nm. A person receiving an eye exposure from a Class 2 laser beam, either accidentally or as a result of someone else’s deliberate action (misuse) will be protected from injury by their own natural aversion response. This is a natural involuntary response which causes the individual to blink and avert their head thereby terminating the eye exposure. Repeated, deliberate exposure to the laser beam may not be safe.