Product Overview

The Teledyne Bowtech SURVEYOR-SD underwater colour zoom camera utilises CCD technology, delivering exceptional picture quality, with a 28:1 optical zoom lens and a horizontal resolution of 670 TV lines, all within a 4,000 (or 6,000) metre rated high quality titanium housing, with a 99.7% optically clear sapphire window.

The camera features advanced back light compensation technology, which dramatically improves the cameras dynamic range, resulting in clear image reproduction in extreme high contrast environments, known as wide dynamic.

An IP optional output can be specified which can deliver H.264 or Motion JPEG on multiple streams at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 NTSC, 720x576 PAL).

The camera is controlled via a Bluetooth handheld tablet. The device will allow the user to perform functions such as:

  • Control Zoom
  • Control Focus
  • Select Light Source Colour Temperature
  • Open or Close Camera Iris
  • Change Camera control Methods

Key Features

  • High resolution colour 670 TV Lines
  • 28:1 optical zoom
  • Remote setup via GUI applications and/or Bluetooth tablet
  • Composite output or Ethernet option
  • 72° diagonal angle of view
  • 4000m or 6000m depth rating
Bowtech Surveyor-SD by Teledyne