Product Overview

The Teledyne Bowtech U light is for use on subsea platforms that operate down to 6000m depths, requiring a 120Vac Ultra-bright 10,000 lumen, LED Floodlight. The 80° wide LED floodlight beam angle is ideal for colour video inspection tasks. Housed in hard anodised aluminium, this deepwater LED floodlight measures in at 82mm Ø by 148.4mm long and comes with thermal protection ensuring that the light does not overheat if accidentally run in air.

The U Light has the capability of being controlled externally by normal ON / OFF power switching or by using phase control diming techniques enabling the operator to produce a varying level of light intensity. This extremely robust U Light LED floodlight is ideal for clear visibility in deep depths on larger work class ROVs, Trenchers and Tractors.

Key Features

  • Ultra-bright 10,000 lumen LED Floodlight
  • Dimmable to suite varying conditions
  • Thermal limiting protection plus rugged design and construction for greater reliability
  • 6000m depth rating
  • Long LED life of 50,000hrs
Bowtech U light by Teledyne