Product Overview

CenterPoint RTX is the premier mobile satellite services (MSS) technology delivering VRS-level performance for land-based construction sites worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are running a large operation with many machines, you will need a local GNSS base station (or a few) and if you are site surveying or doing reconnaissance you may opt for a high accuracy satellite delivered service such as CenterPoint RTX.

MSS is delivered via geo-stationary L-band satellites. The signal is received at the GNSS rover by the Trimble GNSS Antenna or GNSS Smart Antenna, so there is no need for a UHF radio or cellular network connection.

SPS GNSS Precision
  • H < 2 cm (0.066’)
  • V < 5 cm (0.16’)
  • Satellite, Internet
  • < 1 minute (Fast)
  • < 15 minutes (Standard)
CenterPoint RTX GNSS Correction Sources