Product Overview

The compact, flexible, and affordable CHANNELMASTER is a horizontally-oriented Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) designed to collect high-accuracy water velocity, stage, and discharge data for a wide array of applications.

By leveraging Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand technology, ChannelMaster allows you to obtain unmatched data quality, even in low velocities and complex flows, where a single cell cannot provide enough information.

The ChannelMaster’s innovative design includes everything you need to collect high- quality data. The standard unit comes equipped with temperature, pressure, pitch and roll sensors, and a vertical beam.​

Key Features

  • Accurate: Teledyne RDI Broadband technology allows for small cells and/or short averaging sampling intervals, thus increasing your data accuracy
  • Robust: Collect highly accurate velocities even in difficult environments such as slow flow or rapidly changing flow
  • Versatile: ChannelMaster offers a range of 1-128 user selectable cell sizes from 20 cm - 8m and profiling ranges from 1m - 300m (frequency dependent)
  • Sturdy: Comes standard with stainless steel mounting fixture.
ChannelMaster ADCP by Teledyne