Product Overview

The CSW-10 is the bigger version of the CSW-7, our most popular and versatile design. The CSW-10 is useful for medium cable lengths combined with large cable bending diameters or heavy weights in almost any light-duty marine application. It's a four person portable model that is capable of lifting and lowering most instrumentation payloads (595 lb/270kg typical, please contact us for more information on load pull and line speed, values can vary significantly). This winch comes as a complete package, including a range of standard features only available as options on our other winches.

Applications: It is used to perform CTD profiling, side scan sonar, magnetometer towing, Rosette water sampling, towed instrument sleds, environmental and pipe line monitoring, lightweight grab samplers and small capture nets.

Motor Variants: 3.0 HP to 5.0 HP 3-phase AC motor and outdoor rated AC Vector Drive (VFD) Controller, powered by 230 VAC (single or 3-phase) and 400-440 VAC (3-phase)

CSW-10 AGO Electric Winch