Product Overview

The CSW-9 is an enlarged version of the CSW-6 that is useful for short cable lengths combined with large cable bending diameters or heavy weights in almost any light-duty marine application. It's a two to four person portable winch designed for lifting and lowering small to moderate instrumentation payloads and towed body operations. It has proven to be a versatile winch which may be used in almost any application. This model is typically used for shallow-water operations with heavier loads or large diameter cable.This winch comes as a complete package, including a range of standard features only available as options on our other winches. It is capable of lifting and lowering many instrumentation payloads (300 lbs typical, please contact us for more information on load pull and line speed, values can vary significantly)

Applications: Side scan sonar, water sampling, towed instrument sleds, environmental and pipe line monitoring, lightweight grab samplers, small capture nets, subsea video, CTD profiling.

Motor Variants:

  • 1.0 HP to 3.0 HP 3-phase AC motor and outdoor rated AC Vector Drive (VFD) Controller, powered by 110 VAC, 230 VAC or 400VAC (single and 3-phase)
  • 1.0 HP to 2.0 HP permanent magnet motor @ 90/180 VDC (2 HP @ 180 VDC only) with regenerative drive controller powered from 110/230 VAC single-phase (generator, inverter or ship's power)
  • 0.125 HP to 1 HP permanent magnet motor @ 12/24/48 VDC with PWM drive controller powered from 12-48 VDC batteries
CSW-9 AGO Electric Winch