Product Overview

THE GAVIA AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE (AUV) is a self-contained, low logistics, modular survey platform capable of delivering high quality data while operating from vessels of opportunity or from the shore.

The AUV's modularity makes it easily reconfigurable, even between dives. The Gavia AUV's ease of use and versatility sets it apart from other systems on the market. One Gavia system can serve a multitude of purposes without sacrificing performance or data quality.

Key Features

  • Greatest depth rating in its class - rated to 1000m
  • Compact, optimized for overnight shipping
  • Modular construction, maximum flexibility
  • High-accuracy survey-grade INS navigation with USBL and LBL aiding (non-ITAR configurations available)
  • Chart-based graphical user interface
  • ​2-man portable/deployable
  • Operations from vessels of opportunity
  • Wide array of additional sensors available
  • No installation or calibration of peripherals required
  • Over the horizon communications through Iridium
Gavia AUV by Teledyne