Product Overview

The BlueView 2250 multibeam profiling module, built for the Gavia AUV by Teledyne BlueView, is derived from the company’s proven 2250 kHz MBSeries sonar. Teledyne BlueView is recognized as the leading manufacturer of integrated Multibeam Profiling sonar systems for high resolution data collection.

The embedded SmartCore™ processor provides both on-board storage of sonar data and UDP streaming of fully processed profiles. Use of the “Real-Time” profile data storage mode allows for extended mission profile data collection.

The system provides turnkey solutions for many AUV missions, including 3D bottom mapping, high-resolution target rendering, and side scan gap-fill.

Teledyne BlueView’s unique technology offers the most advanced, lightweight, low-power sonar systems for AUV manufacturers and operators.

Key Features

  • High-resolution 3D mapping
  • 2D SideScan Gapfill software compatible with all leading SSS brands
  • Precise timing (1PPS)
  • Embedded SmartCore™ processor for logging of data and streaming of profiles over UDP, with extended mission profile storage when using “Real-Time” profile mode
  • Fully integrated with the Gavia Control Center Software
Gavia MB-2250 Module by Teledyne