Product Overview

Teledyne's latest member of its underwater vehicle family provides customers with a longer endurance, greater payload capacity, while still maintaining the history of true modularity.

The Osprey AUV builds upon the Gavia, the world's first truly open and modular AUV. The Osprey AUV has a 324 mm diameter in order to carry additional energy allowing for extended operational endurance in excess of 24 hours (configuration dependent) while maintaining the same 1000 meter depth rating of the proven Gavia design. Added features include an efficient rim drive thruster, external data pod, increased capacity battery modules, science bay, obstacle avoidance and forward looking sonar nose, and customizable payloads.

The Osprey also has an optional Attitude, Depth, & Heading (ADH) module for operations in complex and high current environments based on the successful buoyancy engine of the Slocum Glider coupled with a fin controller. Combined with a Synthetic Aperture Sonar, the Osprey elevates itself over the competition for data quality and consistency.

Key Features

  • QuickLock Mechanism
  • Modularity
  • Navigation
  • Autonomy
  • Customizable Payload
  • ​Rapid vehicle assembly/disassembly, and repair
  • Modules are portable, discoverable when connected, and extendable
  • Customizable to include multiple optional sensors
Gavia Osprey AUV by Teledyne