Product Overview

The Gavia Science Bay Module is a generic payload module that allows a Gavia user to add up to six scientific sensors to the Gavia AUV. The module includes several hull penetrations, including four (4) penetrations that can accommodate WetLabs ECO pucks, two external wet plugs that can provide power and serial communication for external devices, one slot for a SeaBird CTD, one penetration that can accommodate an Aanderaa Optode oxygen sensor, as well as a weak link on the bottom of the module. The weak link provides the option of towing an external sensor and reduces stress on the wet plug.

The standard electronics inside the module is an Ethernet connected microcontroller with six (6) serial ports and a generic power supply unit that can provide 5V, 12V, and raw battery power (18 – 36V). The microcontroller can be configured for different sensor setups. The microcontroller enables automatic discovery by the Gavia vehicle software which also allows the user to include the sensors when mission planning through the Gavia Control Center.

The Gavia Science Bay Module can be delivered with pre-installed sensors at the factory or can be used as a payload module for custom sensor integration by the user.

Key Features

  • Accommodates up to four ECO pucks, external CTD, and oxygen optode
  • Two external wet plugs for power and serial communication
  • Weak link for towing
  • ​Easily integrate sensors onto the Gavia AUV to extend the operational capabilities of the system​
  • Same "plug and play" capability as other Gavia AUV modules
Gavia Science Bay Module by Teledyne