Product Overview

High Resolution Survey for Deep Sea Applications

The SEARAPTOR™ is a survey grade deep water autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) designed to operate at abyssal depths. A wide range of sensors allow the SeaRaptor™ to complete several types of missions including: broad area search with side-sc​an sonar, hydrographic survey with multibeam and sub bottom profiler, and high resolution inspection survey with camera and acoustic sonar. These surveys support a variety of applications, such as search and recovery, salvage, exploration, construction support, marine archaeology, and oceanography.

The SeaRaptor AUV is depth rated to 3000m or 6000m.

Key Features

  • Depth rated to 3000m & 6000m
  • Modular payload ports
  • Wide range of available sensor integrations
  • Custom sensor integrations available
  • Equipped with all necessary navigation sensors and support for acoustic aiding
  • ​SeaRaptor offers several payload ports that provide serial communication, Ethernet, and power, allowing for field swappable sensors
  • Redundant emergency systems provide extra recovery options both below the water and on the surface
  • Software is based on the proven software used for over a decade with the standard Gavia AUV
Gavia SeaRaptor™ AUV by Teledyne