Product Overview

THE SONAR TRANSPONDER MODULE (STM), is a module for receiving and retransmitting sonar signals which allows for a standard Gavia vehicle to be configured as a Sonar Training Target (STT) for ASW training purposes. The STM consist of a flooded transducer compartment, an electronic compartment and a hydrophone that is towed behind the Gavia AUV and is capable of simulating preprogrammed target characteristics. The STM is programmable to emulate different type of realistic submarine target sizes and speeds for cost effective and re-usable ASW training capability.

Key Features

  • The Sonar Transponder Module (STM), simulates the echo responses and acoustic signatures of a range of underwater targets
  • Control of the STM is fully integrated into the Gavia user interface and mission planning
  • ​Cost effective, reusable solution for ASW training
  • Man portable and rapidly deployed
  • Can be operated from standard Gavia vehicles configured for other tasks when not conducting ASW training
  • Wide array of additional sensors available for Gavia AUVs
Gavia Sonar Transponder Module by Teledyne