Product Overview

Pinger sub-bottom profiler for pipeline detection

GeoPulse Pipeliner offers a solution to the problem of detecting buried pipelines. Based upon the successful GeoPulse Sub-Bottom Profiler, it has a specific transducer array design to maximise the footprint size and detection capabilities, together with an additional high frequency transducer for higher resolution imaging and burial depth determination.

The system can be used for a wide array of applications and bodies of water, and therefore has a variety of deployment options, including over-the side, towed or hull-mounted deployment. The transducer layout is configured to give the perfect acoustic footprint for pipe detection. The transmitter allows control of the output power, frequency and the number of cycles included in the outgoing pulse. At the flick of a switch, a 14 kHz transducer can be activated, allowing higher resolution data to be collected and pipeline burial to be accurately determined. Seabed returns can be conditioned by analogue means using the GeoPulse Receiver.

The towfish houses 3 transducers and provides a stable sub-tow survey platform, which may be towed down to 600 metres using a standard 2000 metre armoured tow cable, meanwhile, the over-the-side mount is optimised for use in small vessels of opportunity for river, harbour or lake surveys.


  • Selectable transmit frequency 2 to 12 kHz
  • Selectable 14 kHz transducer
  • Pipeline detection
  • Over-the-side, towed or hull-mounted deployment.
  • Reliable, proven, easy to use
  • Good penetration and resolution
GeoPulse Pipeliner