Product Overview

The HydroSweep MD/30 is a deep water multibeam echosounder ideally suited for seabed mapping in medium and deep waters down to 7,000 m water depth.

The HydroSweep MD/30 utilizes operating frequencies between 24 and 30 kHz to acquire bathymetry, water column backscatter, seabed snippets backscatter, and side scan backscatter.

In view of beam resolution, the HydroSweep MD/30 is available as a combination of 1° or 1.5° along track and 1° or 1.5° across track. All transducers are planar arrays designed to be flush mounted, within a fairing or in a gondola construction.

Effects of ship motion to survey data are compensated by active beam steering as well as additional multi-ping ensonification. 

The HydroSweep MD/30 applies up to 4x multi-pings, which means that up to four swaths are transmitted simultaneously per ping slightly tilted along track. This results in gapless surveying at higher ship's speed.

Soundings may be spaced in an “equi-angle" or “equi-distant“ fashion.

A High Order Beamforming bottom detection algorithm is used to achieve up to 960 soundings per ping with the best possible accuracy in order to meet IHO S-44 accuracy standards.

Key Features

  • Depth range more than 7,000 m
  • 4x multi-ping operation
  • Roll and Pitch stabilized beams
  • 960 soundings per ping
  • Backscatter and sidescan data recording
  • Water column analysis
HydroSweep MD/30 by Teledyne