Product Overview

Our standard package. It has everything you need to design your survey, collect your single beam data, process it and generate final products, such as contours, plotting sheets, output for CAD, fly-through views, cross sections and volumes calculations. The sidescan sonar, subbottom, adcp and magnetometer collection and processing modules are standard features of HYPACK® MAX. You’ll need to add a HYSWEEP® license to include the modules for multibeam data collection and processing.


HYPACK® contains powerful tools that let you quickly design your survey.


HYPACK® provides graphical editing and sounding selection routines that allow you to quickly prepare your survey data for plotting, export to CAD or several other final products.

Sounding Reduction

There are several options for sounding reduction, depending on your final product.

Volumes Calculations

The HYPACK® ability to compute volume quantities is unsurpassed. It can compute volume quantities either from sections across channels or from surface models (TIN MODEL).

Side Scan Support

HYPACK® is the only hydrographic software package that offers side scan collection, mosaicking and targeting as a standard part of your package. The SIDE SCAN SURVEY program supports analog and digital side scan sonars, including some of the latest dual frequency and high resolution devices.


HYPLOT, the HYPACK® plotting program, allows you to send any combination of data files to your plotter or printer or to a PDF file. All of the background files that can be displayed in HYPACK® can also be printed/plotted in HYPLOT. This allows you to create stunning plots with your background files, such as ortho-photos (TIF), engineering plans (DXF/DGN), and electronic charts (ENCs, ARCS) superimposed with your hydrographic survey data.

HYPACK® MAX screenshot