Product Overview

Waterproof, submersible electrical connectors rated up to 20,000 psi. Specifically designed for harsh environments, the GRE connectors from Teledyne Impulse are rugged and reliable connections for ROVs, AUVs, underwater instrumentation, and others areas of high pressure or extreme conditions.

Key Features

  • ​Glass reinforced epoxy bulkhead connectors with solder pots
  • Up to 20,000 PSI pressure rating in mated condition
  • Cable connector plugs and receptacles can be overmolded using neoprene or polyurethane.
  • ​​Glass reinforced epoxy ​​bulkhead connectors with solder pots
  • Cable ​connector plugs can be ​overmolded with ​​neoprene or polyurethane.
Impulse Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Connectors by Teledyne