Product Overview

Waterproof electrical connectors that can handle harsh conditions found underwater and in shipboard or other marine locations. Teledyne Impulse's IE55 Rubber Molded Metal Shell Connectors are constructed of durable materials to last under challenging operational environments.

Bulkhead connectors available as a threaded or flanged version with 48 of #16 AWG type E Teflon inboard leads.

Cable connector plugs and receptacles are supplied as standard on 24 of #16 AWG SO cable (IE55-1508 is molded on #18 AWG SO cable). Custom lengths and cable types available on request.

Cable connector plugs can also be supplied unterminated. Working voltage 600 VDC.

Key Features

  • Inverted configurations available 316 stainless steel bodies and engaging nut.
  • ​Up to 10,000 PSI pressure rating in mated condition
  • Bulkhead connectors open face pressure rated to 5,000 PSI
  • Contacts gold plated per MIL-G-45204
Impulse IE55 Rubber Molded Metal Shell Connector by Teledyne