Product Overview

A robust, ruggedized, watertight electrical connector with the ability to be mated or demated in wet environments. ​Rated to 300VDC or 600 VDC and 10,000 psi in the mated condition.

Bulkhead connectors available as a threaded or flanged version with 48" of #18 AWG type E Teflon inboard leads (MKS-300 /MKS-300/MKS-3L00 have 6" of #24 AWG inboard leads).

Cable connector plugs and receptacles are overmolded using polyurethane (MKS-300 / MKS-300 also available with a neoprene overmold). Straight or right angled overmolds are available for cable connector plugs.

Cable connector plugs and receptacles are supplied unterminated unless cable termination is specified at time of order.​ Special alloys and finishes are also available.

Key Features

  • Wet Pluggable
  • Metal to metal Key for positive alignment
  • 10,000 psi in mated condition​
  • Rugged constructions allows the ability to mate/demate in wet or harsh environments​
  • Naval bronze engaging nuts have Acme threads for rugged applications and quick connection
Impulse Metal Key Titan Connector Series by Teledyne