Product Overview

The Compact QMS is portable and easy to use (minimal training for operators), and prevents expensive downtime for cable repairs or maintenance. Uniform heat distribution is achieved within the mold, which is an essential factor in producing repeatable quality moldings. The Compact QMS reaches molding temperature in 12-15 minutes, and has a typical de-mold time of 10 minutes. It is suitable for any cable installation up to 12mm in diameter which is costly or awkward to remove for maintenance and repair.

Key Features

  • A single slot, custom mold heating block, suitable for any cable up to 12mm in diameter
  • A hotplate, 230V, 50/60 kHz, or 12V, 50/60 kHz
  • Digital thermometer and temperature probe
  • Mold separation tool and removal drift​
  • Prevents expensive downtime for cable repairs and maintenance
  • Convenient and portable, allowing repairs on the job site
  • Easy to use, with minimal training for operators​
Impulse PDM Compact Quick Cure Molding System (QMS)