Product Overview

Teledyne Impulse-PDM’s Omicron 5030/5070 optical connectors utilize proven small form factor ferrule technology and are available for multi-mode or single-mode operation.

The connectors are offered, as standard, in stainless steel to BSEN10088-3 Grade 1.4404 (316L), which is electro-polished to remove surface contamination, thus improving resistance to corrosion. Connector bodies can also be manufactured in other materials, either to address specific anti-corrosion requirements, or to increase depth rating. Engaging nuts are normally manufactured in naval brass to UNS C46400​.

CCP connectors are supplied as standard on a double-ended assembly, or with a robust molded ST connectors on the second end. Teledyne Impulse-PDM offers a standard cable, PDM 140, from stock, which can be used for either single mode or multi-mode applications. Cable can also be customer specified, but as cable types containing optical fibers are both varied and complex, their termination is often unique to each type. As such, details should be furnished with the request for quotation, so that Teledyne Impulse-PDM can consider any design implications.

The 0-ring sealing face for the BCR connector must be 14mm diameter minimum, of a surface fi nish of 0.8 micrometers and lightly smeared with silicone grease. The connector uses a single face seal. The mounting thread required is 5/16” - 24 UNF, 2B, the axis of which must be perpendicular to the sealing face. The user must ensure suitable compatibility between materials when using connectors in seawater to avoid bimetallic corrosion. The BCR connector is supplied as standard with an MU type connector. Adaptor patch cables are available on request. Any installation of the BCR connector must allow the jacketed fiber, on the dry-side, up to .08mm of movement during mating and unmating.

Key Features

  • Small form-factor
  • Single-mode or multi-mode operation
  • Stainless steel construction​
  • ​Connector bodies can be manufactured in other materials other than stainless steel, either to address specific anti-corrosion requirements, or to increase depth rating.
Impulse PDM Omicron Fiber Optic Connector by Teledyne