Product Overview

Molded neoprene inline connectors supplied on 24" length of neoprene cable (see specs). Custom lengths and cable types available on request. Some polyurethane molded inline connectors also available.

Bulkhead connectors available with brass or stainless steel bodies and 12" of #18 AWG type E Teflon inboard leads (micro mini connectors have either #20 AWG (2-4/10-16 contact) or #22 AWG (5-8 contact)).

Delrin locking sleeves available for circular, mini circular and micro mini styles. Micro mini style bulkheads have male locking sleeve thread as part of body.

Field installable connectors available for some styles with optional overmold boot.

Contacts gold plated per MIL-G-45204.​ ​

Waterblock available. MCIL/MCBH.

Locking sleeves available: MCDLS-F (Female), and MCDLS-M (Male)

Key Features

  • Molded neoprene wet pluggable connector for light to medium duty applications
  • Up to 10,000 PSI, mated
  • Bulkhead connector design open face pressure rated to 5000 PSI.
  • Available in circular ( IL/BH), low profile ( LPIL/ LPBH), mini-circular (MIL/MBH), mini low profile (LPMIL/LPMBH) and micro mini (MCIL/MCBH) styles, and water-blocked styles
Impulse Splash Mate Series by Teledyne