Product Overview

BTM-AL50 bottom mounts are designed for ADCP deployment in shallow ocean waters, rivers, coastal areas, and anywhere else where the size and remote recoverability of the AL-200 and AL-500 TRBM are not required.

These rugged diver-serviceable tripods come ready to accept your ADCP and battery canister, and can be modified to fit CTD, wave / tide gauge, velocimeter or other instrumentation.

BTM-AL50’s are manufactured using 5000 series aluminum, galvanically-isolated fasteners, and are fitted with zinc anodes for superior corrosion resistance. The double axis gimbal keeps your ADCP oriented to vertical after deployment and is manufactured using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to deter marine growth.

The units' three foot pads are supplied with through holes for ballast or for spiking, depending on your application. Standard (10lb/4.5kg) urethane-coated ballasts are provided for each of the three legs. Additional ballast is available upon request.

Instrument Bottom Mounts