Product Overview

​Teledyne Oceanscience Q-Boats® are the number one choice for reliable remotely-controlled acoustic Doppler current profiling in streams, rivers, lakes and coastal waters all over the world. Whether you need to reduce your survey time, keep people safe during difficult conditions, or access hard to reach locations, there is a Q-Boat to suit your survey and your budget.

The new Q-Boat 1250 has been designed specifically for shallow water applications. This one-man portable remote vehicle is easy to set up, easy to operate, and accepts most industry standard ADCPs -- allowing you to get straight to work!

Key Features

  • Portable and Convenient; easy to deploy and operate with a single operator
  • Robust and Powerful; innovative propulsion system uses two thrusters and can attain a 2.3 m/s (7.5 fps) top speed
  • Cost Efficient; save time and money by removing the need for a tether line or bridge for deployment
Oceanscience Q-Boat 1250 by Teledyne