Product Overview

The Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat® 1800RP with new ruggedized design and interchangeable sensor well, offers an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic surveying. Get multibeam bathymetry data where conventional methods are not feasible or safe, and avoid mobilizing a workboat or vessel of opportunity. The Z-Boat 1800RP uses advanced radio telemetry to offer remotely-operated hydrographic surveys. All data is accessible in real time, giving the operator total control over the survey process. Z-Boat navigation is easy using the GNSS position and heading available onboard, and remotely viewed at the operator location. Data processing is available in real time through CARIS OnboardTM.

The Z-Boat 1800's new ruggedized design is IP67-rated and incorporates a modular deck structure for antennas, cameras, and additional sensor mounting, making this Z-Boat ideal for shallow coastal mapping applications. The ruggedized package also includes an interchangeable sensor well, which accommodates a range of instruments including the Odom MB2 and CV100, as well as various RDI ADCPs and Tritech Side Scan Sonars. Custom sensor integrations are available. Sensors are easily interchanged from beneath the vehicle.

NEW! Teledyne's Z-Boat 1800RP is now available with LiDAR! This new sensor capability allows the Z-Boat to map both above and below the waterline maximizing the survey capabilities of the boat.

Key Features

  • Ruggedized IP67-rated design with interchangeable sensor well
  • Optional autonomous operation and on-board data logging
  • Existing GNSS equipment can be used
  • Up to 4m/s (13fps) performance
  • New LiDAR integration!
  • Compatible with industry standard acquisition packages
  • Customizable payload
  • Two person portable; under 150lbs (typical configuration)​
Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800RP by Teledyne