Product Overview

Teledyne RD Instruments’ highly compact 600 kHz Pathfinder DVL is small in size and huge on value. Derived from Teledyne RD Instrumets long-standing, highly reliable DVL technology, this system delivers the precision navigation performance you’ve come to expect from Teledyne RDI, at a price point, size, and weight that’s ideally suited for your next application. ​

Utilizing Teledyne RDI’s proven state-of-the-art electronics, the Pathfinder DVL provides an array of advanced internal sensors and features you’d typically expect to find only in higher-end solutions. With up to 80 m of bottom tracking, in up to 300 m of water, the Pathfinder 600 delivers a solid, value-priced solution for vehicles ranging from small inspection class ROVs to large diameter AUVs.​

Key Features

  • Phased Array: Unique phased array transducer design delivers enhanced position accuracy at a reduced size, eliminates the need for speed of sound correction, and reduces susceptibility to biofouling.
  • Flexible Design: Self-contained or remote-head options available to meet your unique vehicle needs.
  • Versatile: Upgradeable to include Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling capability.
  • Ethernet Compatible: Plug-n-play with today's interfaces.
  • Extended Range: Optional XRT (Extended Range Tracking) delivers up to a 60% increase in bottom tracking range
  • Simultaneous Multiple Data Type Output Capability: Ethernet interface allows for simultaneous multiple PD data output via TCP and/or UDP.
  • Dynamic Commands Capability: Pathfinder accepts command changes during operation without the need to stop the ping cycle or operation of the DVL.
  • Bottom-Track High Resolution Velocity and Navigation Parameters Data Blocks: Aid in the velocity measurement resolution and quality information for use in an Ex-tended Kalman Filter (EKF) Inertial Navigation System (INS) solution.
  • Time of Validity Output: Delivers highly accurate coupling with an INS further improving resulting DVL aided INS position accuracy.
  • Low Latency Trigger: Mitigates interference with other SONARs
  • Leak detection and Health Monitoring: Provides early warning for potential issues
Pathfinder DVL by Teledyne