Product Overview

Teledyne PDS is a software suite used for construction, survey, and dredge. The suite is modular and therefore easy to customize to your project. It is easy to learn, as the user interface for all systems is the same. Teledyne PDS is used for a variety of construction applications: comprehensive cable lay applications, monopile placements, breakwater creation, pipe lay monitoring, and many more. The strength of Teledyne PDS is that it is easy to combine the different applications. A multibeam system on a pipe lay vessel or an underwater excavator combined with multibeam; it’s already built in to the software. If the system is only going to be used for a single purpose, the other options remain hidden to make the software easier to use.

Benefits of Teledyne PDS are the extensive possibilities to customize and combine standard applications to your project requirements, providing a software suite that brings the world under water to your eyes.

PDS Construction by Teledyne