Product Overview

The PID-03 (and its larger brother the PID-04) are unique in that they can be disassembled into component parts in the field. This allows them to be broken into smaller separate loads for man-pack, animal-pack, helicopter transport or small boat deployment. It also allows the units to be fitted with multiple drums (and thus multiple cables), saving the expense of multiple winches for multiple applications. The PID-03M can be configured as a manual winch with two different gearbox options or as a motorized direct-drive winch. The boom as shown in the images is an optional component.

Applications: Water sampling, environmental and pipe line monitoring, lightweight grab samplers, small capture nets, subsea video, CTD profiling.

Motor Variants:

  • 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP permanent magnet motor @ 90/180 VDC with regenerative drive controller powered from 110/220 VAC single phase (generator, inverter or ship's power) 
  • 0.125 HP to 1 HP permanent magnet motor @ 12/24/48 VDC with PWM drive controller powered from 12-48 VDC batteries
PID-03 Electric Winch by AGO Environmental