Product Overview

The rapidCAST™ system enables hydrographic surveyors to eliminate survey downtime from sound velocity data collection, and to minimize bathymetry data uncertainty associated with challenging sound velocity conditions in the environment. The automated profiler offers SV casts to depths greater than 500 meters at 5kts without the requirement of an operator on deck. Simply enter the depth of profile required into the software running on the survey PC and the rapidCAST deploys to the desired depth and recovers the probe safely. With a minimal deck footprint, quick mobilization on practically any survey vessel, and a high quality direct-reading SV probe, the portable rapidCAST provides near real-time SV data for the survey system. When surveys are accomplished with the greatest safety, efficiency, and accuracy using rapidCAST, savings in time and operating costs are the result.

Key Features

  • ​Rapid underway sound velocity profiles at up to 12kts
  • Automated profiler deployment and recovery
  • Wireless bluetooth data transfer
  • Lightweight and portable with fast mobilization on a variety of vessels
  • Over 500m profiling depth capability at 5kts
rapidCAST™ by Teledyne