Product Overview

The following hydrophone accessory cables are available in various standard lengths for hydrophones with connectors, namely the TC4014-5, TC4032 and TC4042.

Pigtail cable (non-terminated conductors) on topside. Use this cable when differential mode signals are required. ​​

Extension cable terminated with connectors on both ends, useful for extending the length of TL8140 or TL8142 cables

Cable terminated on both ends, compatible with EC6073 Input module on topside for convenient connection of hydrophone (note: differential signal not used).

The cable type used is a high quality underwater cable containing a Kevlar reinforced braid and Water Block inside a polyurethane jacket. The same cable type is used for the TL8140, TL8142 and TL8144 cables.

RESON Hydrophone cables by Teledyne