Product Overview

​​The TC4014-5 broad band spherical hydrophone offers a very wide usable frequency range with excellent omnidirectional characteristics in all planes. The overall receiving characteristics makes the TC4014-5 an ideal transducer for making absolute underwater sound measurements up to 480kHz. The wide frequency range also makes the TC4014-5 perfect for calibration purposes, particularly in higher frequencies.

The TC4014-5 incorporates a low-noise 26dB preamplifier providing signal conditioning for transmission through long underwater cables.The TC4014-5 features an insert calibration facility, which allows for a reliable test of the hydrophone.

The sensor element is permanently encapsulated in Special formulated NBR to ensure long term reliability. The rubber has been specially compounded to ensure acoustic impedance close to that of water. The hydrophone and connector housing are made of corrosion resistant aluminum-bronze. TC4014-5 has differential output. The differential output is an advantage where long cables are used in an electrically noisy environment.​

RESON TC 4014 by Teledyne