Product Overview

The TC4047 miniature hydrophone offers a useable frequency range from 1kHz to170kHz. The hydrophone incorporates a high quality 20dB low-noise pre-amplifi er which provides optimal conditions for signal transmission.

The high sensitivity provides excellent signal to noise ratio and immunity against induced cable noise. The hydrophone is omnidirectional up-to 100kHz and has uniform receiving characteristic from 1kHz to 100kHz.

An insert calibration circuit enables remote testing of the hydrophone condition. The hydrophone comes with a SEACON connector. The sensor element is permanently encapsulated in Special formulated NBR to ensure long term reliability. The rubber has been specially compounded to ensure acoustic impedance close to that of water. The strainrelief and outer jacket of the cable is made of high density polyurethane. TC4047 can be used in sea or fresh water.

Key Features

  • ​High Sensitivity
  • Omnidirectional
  • Broad banded
  • Wet mating connector
  • Individually calibrated
RESON TC 4047 by Teledyne