Product Overview

​The TC4059 broad band spherical hydrophone provides uniform omnidirectional characteristics over a wide frequency range of 1Hz to 480 kHz.

The overall receiving characteristics make the TC4059 an ideal transducer for making absolute underwater sound measurements up to 480 kHz. The wide frequency range also makes the TC4059 perfect for calibration purposes, particularly in higher frequencies.

TC4059 is provided with a titanium base with O-ring seals for easy installation on underwater electronic cans or housings.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional in the full frequency range
  • Extreme wide frequency range
  • Durable construction combined with long term stability - a sensor you can rely on for long term deployment
  • Individually calibrated - reducing measurement uncertainty
  • Ready for OEM integration - save time and money with a tried and tested mechanical interface ​
RESON TC 4059 by Teledyne