Product Overview

The RJW-1 is an portable manual winch intended to fill various special purpose roles. Designed around a simple, lightweight and sturdy framework, the RJW-1 has been designed to be mounted on a pole.

The RJW-1 uses a direct manual drive, resulting in a near-zero-maintenance making it ideal for remote applications. It's small size, foldable and easy to carry thanks to the included wheels. The reduced part count means it is easily shipped by air as luggage when placed inside an appropriate hardshell case.

Applications: CTD profiling, video camera systems, , water sampling, etc.


  • Nominal frame dimensions: 15.3" (40 cm) width, 30" (76 cm) long when retracted, 40" (1 m) long when extended
  • Small overall height depending on the drum size, typically between 16.5" (42 cm)
  • Nominal weight 25 lbs (11.5 kg) without cable
  • Slip ring ready - two to six conductor slip rings are available as standard
  • Load capabilities: we recommend a maximum of 50 lb (23 kg) since it's a manual winch
RJW Electric Winch by AGO Environmental