Product Overview

The SeaBat F50 is a high-resolution forward-looking sonar system operating at 200kHz or 400kHz that illuminates a wide 140° horizontal sector ahead of the sonar head assembly. The SeaBat F50 may be mounted on a surface vessel, submarine, AUV or ROV and is available in depth ratings up to 6000 meters.

The SeaBat F50 focused beams, high ping rate and bandwidth combine to provide the user with superior resolution and image quality. The use of multibeam sonar technology allows for nearly instantaneous update of the sonar image, which provides information to the user faster than mechanically scanning sonars.

The SeaBat F50 makes full use of Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software to increase cost effectiveness with a well defined path for future upgrades and expansion.​

Key Features

  • RESOLUTION - Unparalleled resolution and installation flexibility
  • FREQUENCY - 200kHz or 400kHz
  • HIGH SPEED - 256 focused receive beams
  • BEAM WIDTH - 0.5° beam width
  • UPDATE RATE - Up to 50Hz update rate (range selection dependent)
  • RANGE - Up to 500m using 200kHz
  • DEPTH RATING - Surface Vessel: 50m
  • AUV/ROV: 400m or 6000m
  • OPTIONS - Rack Mount Sonar Processor 19" (RSP) OR Subsea Sonar Processor, 6000m (SSP)
Systems standard configurations
  • SeaBat F50-R - for Surface Vessel use
  • SeaBat F50-S Shallow - up to 400m depth
  • SeaBat F50-S Deep - up to 6,000m depth
SeaBat F50 by Teledyne