Product Overview

The SeaBat T-series Subsea Integrated Dual Head is the latest addition to the leading SeaBat product range engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business.

Combined with the Dual Head Subsea Sonar Processor (SSP+) the SeaBat produces unprecedented clean data from two sonar heads at the same time, reducing required processing time.

The SSP+ provides internal data storage for self-contained survey solutions on AUVs and interfacing via standard Ethernet for the typical ROV survey solution.

SSP+ accommodates dual head or you can chose to only connect one sonar head, a configuration called SeaBat T20-S+ or SeaBat T50-S+. The plus-sign indicates you are operating a dual head capable system in single head mode.

Multiple configurations

SeaBat Subsea Integrated Dual Head (IDH) is available both as the T20-S IDH and the T50-S IDH - or you can chose to only connect one sonar head. 

Your survey requirement determines your choice of wet end - and the SSP+ auto-detects and seamlessly auto-configures itself depending on your choices.​

Key Features

  • Unprecedented clean and ultra high data quality for faster operational surveys and reduced processing time
  • Robust titanium housing
  • New compressed water column option which significantly reduces data volume while maintaining the required information
  • Three-year standard warranty​
SeaBat T-series IDH by Teledyne