Product Overview

​Revolutionary combination of high resolution, high frequency and high efficiency

The SeaBat T51-R is the latest addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range, built on the shoulders of the renowned SeaBat T50 – but with four times the resolution.

The SeaBat T51-R brings on a revolutionary and industry-unique true 800kHz sonar which allows for surveys with the highest level of detail while still maintaining an amazing up to seven times water depth survey efficiency. The best of both worlds.

Besides the revolutionary 800kHz performance, the SeaBat T51-R also comes with a flexible 350-430kHz lower frequency range – intended for those surveys where extended range performance is required, giving you a truly flexible solution for all occasions. 

SeaBat T51-tailored autonomous AI sonar controls, a SeaBat-unique innovation, provides reliable data and truly hands-free sonar operation – allowing for higher survey efficiency with reduced operator workload.

The SeaBat T51-R comes with an optional industry leading fully integrated Inertial Navigation System for accurate sensor time tagging and motion stabilization.

SeaBat T51-R by Teledyne