Product Overview

The Sentinel V ADCP represents a perfect balance of capability and flexibility on one hand, with robustness and reliability on the other. Whether the research goals are focused and singular, or variable and multi-faceted, the Sentinel V will get you the data you need in the most efficient manner possible.

From its embedded wifi interface (no software to upload or maintain!), follow its incredibly intuitive and clean-yet-thorough setup process to deploy with confidence. From here, any kind of deployment is possible—self-contained or real-time, fixed-mounted or boat mounted, up-looking or down looking, mean currents or waves and turbulence.

Multiple concurrent sampling strategies allow you to accomplish multiple research goals at the same time. Plus, Sentinel V’s data are truly raw data! This means all data can be processed or reprocessed to meet study and/or QC objectives with no restrictions later on.

This high level of data quality and availability is further backed by the hardware design which includes multiple features to protect against damage and minimize maintenance over the life of the instrument.

Key Features

  • Available in three profiling ranges: 20m, 50m, 100m
  • Bottom or boat-mounted
  • Real-time and bottom-tracking options
  • Data rates up to 16 Hz
  • Supports multiple concurrent sampling strategies
  • Records raw data for future processing—analyze over different time scales as study objectives and features in the observed data may require
  • Off-the-shelf battery option
  • Wireless data download
  • Setup via wireless browser interface—no software required
  • Setup tool to ensures robust sampling strategy despite complex variables
  • Hardware security features, including: captured o-rings, separate electronics and battery chambers, self-contained transducer design
Sentinel V ADCP by Teledyne